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The past history of the Scarlet Witch of Earth-9997 mirrored that of her Earth-616 counterpart. She was a member of the Avengers when the Absorbing Man attacked Washington, D.C. The Avengers were not ready for the Absorbing Man, who had absorbed the intellect of the robot Ultron, giving Creel increased intelligence and greater control over his powers. Creel was able to turn into counter attacks against the Avengers. He killed the Scarlet Witch by creating a reverse hex equation causing her neck to snap.

Her soul ended up in the Realm of the Dead where was in an eternal battle against other super-beings. There she fought until Mar-Vell gathered an army and succeeded in killing Death. Wanda was not part of Mar-Vell's army, but after Mar-Vell destroyed Death and created Paradise, Wanda was one of the many super-beings that who would be brought to this new afterlife. There Wanda would consume a shard of the Cosmic Cube to create her own ideal paradise.

Her fate following the invasion of Paradise by the Kree remains unrevealed. .



Seemingly those of Wanda Maximoff of Earth-616.

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