The Scarlet Witch was a member of the Avengers

When two robotic heroes from the Avengers, Human Torch and Vision, mysteriously vanished, the Scarlet Witch joined fellow Avengers Doctor Pym and Wonder Man to track the missing teammates. They found them in the secret lair of supervillain Andro, Lord of Androids, who had taken over the robots' minds for a plot, and who had been already chased by other heroes and Doctor Doom.[citation needed]


  • Magic knowledge: She knows spells to create eldritch bolts and mystic shields.
  • Probabily manipulation: Mutant power to cause unlikely events to occur.


She has knowledge of occultism and is bilingual in English and Hungarian.

  • This character is mentioned in the role-playing game adventure Deeds of Doom. If the player characters are having a hard time in their final fight against Andro, the game master is suggested to provide reinforcements in the form of a strike team of Avengers to rescue the Human Torch and the Vision.

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