Silver Witch's history is presumably similar to her Earth-616 counterpart's. Wanda and her brother Pietro never reformed like their Earth-616 counterparts due to the Avengers never forming. Wanda and Pietro joined mutants to protest a bill that force mutants to register with the government, leading to a fight with the Squadron Supreme.[3]

During a battle with the Squadron Supreme of America and the X-Men, Pietro died trying to outrun the Blur,[1] and Wanda used her powers to absorb her brother's powers, becoming the Silver Witch. When the Masters of Doom attacked different locations in Washington, D.C., Wanda battled the hero Blur.[4]

Wanting revenge for the death of her brother, Silver Witch used a spell to remove a part of Blur's soul, which would be lethal unless he got his soul back. She then banished him to the Dread Dimension. Blur was able to return by time-traveling. Witch then attempted to stop by removing his speed with a spell. That also failed as Blur focused his attention on his surrounding, allowing him to see mystical creatures that were normally invisible. Blur was able to get his soul back and ultimately sent Silver Witch to be imprisoned in the Ravencroft Institute.[1]

Witch eventually escaped from Ravencroft and was hired by Baron Zemo to join his Siege Society, a team he assembled to take out the Secret Squadron so Hydra could bring order to Europe instead of them. Witch didn't care about Zemo's goals as she saw this as her chance to kill the Blur, who was a member of the Secret Squadron.

Using her magic, Witch teleported the Siege Society to Tower Bridge and helped hide the carnage the Siege Society while taking out the Tower Bridge guards. Witch then teleported the team into the Secret Squadron's hidden base. Later, Witch aided Sabretooth fight Secret Squadron members Blue Eagle and Arcanna. Witch fought Arcanna to a standstill until Arcanna told her to let go of the anger of losing her brother, which antagonized Witch to the point where she cast a spell that disintegrated Arcanna. She then knocked out Blue Eagle. When Blur arrived, Witch chased after him all across Europe until Witch let it slip that her job was to distract Blur so Baron Zemo could kill Nighthawk without interference. So, Blur knocked her out and went back to London to help Nighthawk.[2] She presumably was imprisoned again after the crisis had past.

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Seemingly those of the Wanda Maximoff as well as those of the Pietro Maximoff of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Wanda Maximoff of Earth-616.

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