Wanderer was a slaver. She was an associate of Sanguine, Beldame, and Goth.[1]

When Havok joined forces with Emma Frost, Bastion and Miss Sinister to release the power-bestowing Mothervine virus on a global scale, Wanderer was one of the many mutants at the service of this cabal. She helped carry out an attack against Magneto's X-Men to stop them from interfering with Havok's plans.[2] After the villains were defeated, Bloodstorm used her vampiric hypnosis to make the Wanderer teleport them to Havok's hideout.[3]



  • Since the mutants that allied themselves with Havok and Miss Sinister were granted secondary mutations via Mothervine,[2] it's extremely likely that Wanderer has developed additional powers as well.

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