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The godlike entity Sise-Neg originally created a Haven for two creatures belonging to be the borderline between apes and men:[7] Homo erectus.[6]

A tribe descended from those two, and in the course of that tribe's migration every year, their leader and his mate would return to the Garden.[7]

Encountering the Serpent-Men

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One year, those two encountered in the Paradise the "Tribe of Mighty Set", Serpent-Men in disguise, offering them a better life in exchange for their obedience, the murder of their tribe and help to approach the Space Gods bringing gifts.[7]

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The Wanderers rejected the offer and truth was revealed. Retreating, the Wanderers reached their tribe and returned into battle to drove the Serpent-Men out of the Garden.[7]

First Host of the Celestials

As the battle finished, the Wanderers could witness the First Host of the Celestials arriving in their starship, escorted by Gaea who smiled to the tribe, urging them to accept the gifts of the aliens.[7]

Gammenon the Gatherer took in appeased Wanderers, while the Serpent-Men tried to offer themselves, hoping their more evolved mind would favor them over the mammals, and were drove out of the scene by Arishem the Judge.[7]

The Celestials altered the genetic makeup of the Pre-Men, creating the unstable Deviants who fled into hiding underground, the immortal and powerful Eternals who literally flied out,[1] and finally remaining Wanderers, who were left to evolve naturally into humans but granted latent genes that would eventually turn them into superhumans.[7]

While those turned into Eternals or Deviants retreat among themselves, the exact whereabouts of the rest of the Tribe, those modified with latent genes, is unknown, but they obviously spread the latent genes into humanity.

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