Quote1 There's a war on and I've got to play my part, that's all there is to it. I Can't... Fail... Quote2
-- Second-Lieutenant Karl Kaufmann

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Synopsis for "2: The Facts of Life"

After being shaken during his first taste of aerial combat, Second-Lieutenant Kaufmann soon regains his nerve. While on patrol with Captain Booker's company, he becomes frustrated at the Captain's decision to not attack two German planes after chasing them for some time. He voices his displeasure to his squadmates once on the ground, who quickly tell him that there was another group of German planes above them waiting for them to take the bait. Captain Booker noticed Kaufmann's impatience while in the air and has a word with him, telling him that he has to start thinking harder while in the air or he will get himself killed.

Later in the afternoon, Kaufmann is approached in the bar by Captain Franklin who informs him that everyone has to take turns being orderly officer and that it is now his turn. He gives him a list of tasks to complete, including speaking to the mechanics about a "buggering" incident. This is actually a prank that Franklin is playing on the young Lieutenant, waiting nearby with binoculars to see the result. A very embarrassed and angry Kaufmann returns to the officers bar looking for Franklin, finding him out on the airfield. Franklin reminds Kaufmann that he is his superior officer and also tells him that it was him who saved his life from a German plane upon his arrival to the squadron. Franklin seems to hold Kaufmann somewhat responsible for the death of his friend Tommy, the leader of the first patrol that Kaufmann went on, the patrol that he was the only one to return from.

The next morning, Kaufmann accompanies Captain Franklin as part of C-Flight on a patrol into German territory. Kaufmann sets a German plane on fire, causing its pilot to burn alive, again causing Kaufmann to realize the horrors of war. As a reward for a mission well-done, Major Roxburgh-Jones decides to treat the men to a night on the town. Here Kaufmann still seems tormented at what he saw that day, so Booker introduces him to a local prostitute, though Kaufmann doesn't understand this at the time. He thinks that she is a regular French girl who only asks for a lend of 25 francs after they were done. As he leaves the brothel, he proclaims to no one in particular, that he is in love!

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