Quote1 It's a job and I'm good at it. There's no more to it than that. Quote2
-- Captain Karl Kaufmann

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Synopsis for "4: On the First Day of July"

Kaufmann seems to have now become an expert pilot, having amassed over a dozen enemy kills. He and Captain Booker now successfully take down another enemy plane as well as gun down a group of German infantry that they come across. Kaufmann and Booker have also developed a close friendship since Captain Franklin's death, good-naturedly ribbing each other every chance they get.

Later, in the bar, Kaufmann, Booker and Major Roxburgh-Jones discuss the war, in particular how the British army was willing to accept massive casualties during the Battle of the Somme simply because they couldn't come up with a better strategy than having wave after wave of soldiers attempt to cross No Man's Land only to be mowed down by German machine-gun fire. The next day, Kaufmann is given two new pilots, mere boys with a combined 17 hours of flight training between them. Kaufmann recognizes that it's murder to send these boys into the sky, but he must follow orders.

As expected, both of the young officers are killed on their first patrol out, as is Kaufmann's good friend Major Roxburgh-Jones. He and Booker have a drink for their fallen commander at the bar that evening, when Kaufmann points out that Booker is now the senior pilot and de facto leader of the squadron, causing Booker to cry into his glass.

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