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Quote1.png I'm told there's been some buggering incident involving the mechanics. I want you to investigate thoroughly and report back to me as soon as possible. Quote2.png
Karl Kaufmann

Appearing in "5: Black September"

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Synopsis for "5: Black September"

Kaufmann's spad takes some artillery while fighting German pilots over the western front. He swings in low to pick up Booker, but the plane is too damaged to make it back into the air. Booker pulls Kaufmann out of the cockpit just as the spad arcs onto the ground and crashes. Book takes a lethal amount of shrapnel to the ribs and spine. Kaufmann pulls him away and drags him a safe distance behind enemy lines. Realizing that Booker is not long for this world, Kaufmann decides to tell him the truth about his heritage. He reveals that although he was raised in the States, his parents are actually German. Kaufmann is afraid that if his exploits become public, the revelation of his identity might cause problems for his parents in Oshkosh. After hearing Karl's tale, Booker dies from his injuries.

Time passes and Kaufmann returns to base. He meets his new adjutant Chuck Finley. Finley places him in charge of the 16th Aero Squadron, First Pursuit Group. He goes out to meet his new unit, and begins the hazing process.


  • Final issue of the series.
  • This is the first time that Karl Kaufmann adopts the alias of the "Phantom Eagle".

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