James Rhodes operated this armor as an instructor for the Initiative program, against the Skrull invasion, and on his own.

When Rhodes was restored from his cyborg state in a cloned version of his own body, he re-started using a new model of the JRXL-1000 armor.

War Machine Tank

The armor's ability to attach technologic devices

This armor is unique in the fact that it contains no "Starktech." Instead, a mix of designs from Stane Industries and experimental cyberware were used in its composition in order to protect the suit from being compromised in the case of a massive attack like the Skrull virus.

The gauntlets possess blasters. Shoulder mounts include a Gatling gun, beam weapon and rocket launcher. On at least one occasion the launcher has been set to use the S.P.I.N. power neutralizer. Cannons can also extend from the chest area, epaulets, and hip pods. The suit's unibeam is retractable.

Magno-locks allow the armor to attach and interface with other weapons and technology such as tank treads. Detached limbs are still controlled by Rhodes and appear to have some autonomous function.

A satellite with similar technology that interacts with the armor was developed to combat the Skrull invasion fleet.


Serves as a life-support system for Rhodes after he was critically injured on a mission.

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