The suit was constructed by Tony Stark for James "Rhodey" Rhodes, likely following his advancement into nanotechnology as he worked toward his own eventual Mark 85 armor, as the suit is shown to possess some minor nanotechnological upgrades, such as the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct the helmet around its user's head. Rhodey wore this suit during the Avengers' time traveling attempts to steal the Infinity Stones from the past, wherein he was paired with Nebula to claim the Power Stone, knocking out an unsuspecting Star-Lord in the process. Once the Stones were assembled, Rhodey wore this suit as a way to protect himself from any ill effects the Stones within the Avengers' Gauntlet might have as Hulk used them. This was successful, but at the same time, a time-displaced Nebula from 2014 was bringing back Thanos from the same year to conquer the Avengers and take the Stones for himself. With his return, the New Avengers Facility was attacked and demolished, trapping most of the Avengers within its rubble. Rhodey was trapped with Rocket Raccoon and Hulk and while the explosion and fall didn't kill him, it did destroy the suit that was protecting him, and he was forced to eject himself from it in order to escape.[1]


  • The War Machine Armor MK VI was added late into post-production of Avengers: Endgame. Concept designer Phil Saunders only had time to do some initial design alternatives since he had already moved to work on Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, so Rodney Fuentebella took over for him and finished off the back view and final details of the suit.[2]

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