This armor was used by Jim Rhodes during Norman Osborn's reign to fight global threats while headquartered in the War Machine Sattelite. In order to reduce the stress on his system, War Machine abducted Parnell Jacobs and had him use his expertise in the War Machine Armor to reconfigure the suit. Jacobs also retrofitted the armor with more weaponry in preparation for Rhodes' mission to save Dr. Glenda Sandoval from Eaglestar International.[2] The armor was subsequently heavily damaged during the fight against Eaglestar, and Rhodes used its magno-locks to rebuild it with different kinds of pieces of technology until it was ultimately destroyed during a confrontation against a horde of people infected by the Ultimo Virus.[3]

Rhodes lated suited up in a new copy of the armor and used it to attack the Mackelroy Army Base, where H.A.M.M.E.R. was hiding the head of Ultimo. In the process, Jake Oh suited up in a second unit of this armor to distract American Eagle, who was on War Machine's trail.[4] Rhodes used the armor to pursue Morgan Stark[5] and confront him when he merged with the Ultimo Virus.[6] He joined forces with Iron Patriot to this end, but Osborn betrayed Rhodes once Ultimo had been neutralized. Rhodes played possum and assimilated a H.A.M.M.E.R. armored transport when he was being taken away, creating a giant suit of armor for himself. However, Osborn managed to jam the pulse range of Rhodes' magno-locks, preventing him from repairing any damage done to his suit. Rhodes was defeated and the armor was stripped from him.[7] When Rhodes regained his freedom and uploaded his brain into a new healthy body, he continued using the Model 4 Armor[8] until switching to the War Machine Armor Model 5 following Tony Stark's return.[9]



The most prominent feature of this armor, which was derived from Jim Rhodes's cybernetic augmentations, is the magno-locks. The magno-locks allow the armor to pull towards itself, attach, and interface with other pieces of technology.[10] The magno-locks can track viable components to either augment[1] or repair the armor by replacing missing components.[10] Using the magno-locks, War Machine has been able to assimilate different kinds of weapons into his arsenal, like warheads, as well as components from tanks,[11] fighter jets,[10] motorcycles,[3] a commercial aircraft,[1] an excavator, the Iron Patriot Armor,[6] and a H.A.M.M.E.R. armored transport.[7]

War Machine can morph assimilated components beyond their original appearance, having used the magno-locks two times to build himself a giant exoskeleton, first out of military equipment,[1] and the second time using a H.A.M.M.E.R. armored transport.[7] The magno-locks can also reassemble components with each other without attaching them to the armor.[5] The armor has also been shown capable to keep foreign components attached to itself even when it's not being operated by Rhodes himself.[4]

Through Rhodes, the armor used to be patched up to the War Machine Sattelite.[2] The asuit also possesses sensors and communcation systems of its own. In the version of the armor worn by Rhodes when he was a cyborg, the legs and arms of the suit could detach from the rest of the body along with Rhodey's own cybernetic limbs. Rhodey was capable of moving the limbs from a distance and fire the armor's arsenal.[2]

Offensive Capabilities

In its normal configuration, this War Machine Armor possesses a minigun and a missile launcher mounted on each shoulder and an assault rifle on each forearms. Additional muzzles can extend from the side of the gauntlets[2] and the clavicles.[12] Parnell Jacobs's temporary upgrades provided the suit with more weaponry, including a chain gun, several missles, a secondary minigun, and a flash pulse missile to blind enemies.[11] When combined with Rhodes' magno-locks, the suit's offensive capabilities are extended by the different components he can assimilate.[10]


  • The numerical designation provided in this article for this suit is tentative, based on an estimate of the number of models of the War Machine Armor that have existed.
  • This armor is the first in the comics to be inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The base for this suit's design is the Iron Man Armor MK III from Iron Man.
  • Unlike the War Machine Armor Model 3, Jim Rhodes appeared to have no need to be connected to this suit's chestplate to survive.[2]


  • This armor costs three billion dollars.[12]

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