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This War Machine Armor was worn by Jim Rhodes following Tony Stark's return from a coma. He wore it most prominently as part of the Secret Avengers.[1]

During a mission for the Pentagon to track down Palmer Addley, War Machine walked into a trap and was caught in a nuclear explosion, heavily damaging the suit.[2] While the armor was repaired, Stark decided to provide Rhodes with a technology upgrade, and built him the War Machine Armor Model 6, a leaner and lighter suit that favored an stealth approach instead of shock and awe.[3]


  • The numerical designation provided in this article for this suit is tentative, based on an estimate of the number of models of the War Machine Armor that have existed.
  • This armor's appearance is adapted from the War Machine Armor MK I from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which appeared in Iron Man 2.

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