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Quote1.png The old armor, it was great for an old fight. Guy shows up, says he wants to take over the world, we hit him 'til he forgives his mother. But they're changing the game on us. They know they can't come at us face-first, so they make their adjustments. And now we gotta keep up. Make a statement. Evolve or die. We need to make you lighter. Leaner. More adaptable. No more walk into a room, guns blazing-- That's not gonna work on this guy- Quote2.png
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After a mission for the Pentagon to track down Palmer Addley resulted in War Machine walking into a trap and being caught in a nuclear explosion,[1] Tony Stark decided to outfit Rhodey with a new armor that favored a stealth approach to combating evil. The end result was this armor, which combined all of Stark's latest developments in stealth technology into a single suit.[2]



Like all War Machine suits, this armor provides its user with enhanced strength, durability and the ability to fly, being able to reach speeds of Mach 4.[3] Unlike previous War Machine armor, this suit was built to favor stealth tactics. It makes use of an improved version of the Chameleon Mode (a feature present in the Silver Centurion Iron Man Armor) which provides the armor with invisibility, camouflage and holographic projection. While the Chameleon Mode was perfected since the Silver Centurion days and doesn't cause headaches or seizures, it still causes disorientation.

Ghost-Tech makes use of multi-dimensional bridge teleportation to allow the armor's user to phase through solid objects. The suit additionally features complete scanner invisibility, making it undetectable to targeting programs. Due to compatibility issues, the suit can't go invisible and intangible at the same time.[2]

The suit's arsenal includes the ability to detonate an electromagnetic pulse,[3] and to release from its palms a sleeping gas synthesized by S.H.I.E.L.D. specifically for crowd pacification.[4] This armor can also remain unaffected by electromagnetic pulses.[5]

Offensive Capabilities

The armor additionally possesses a Combat Mode. Upon activation, marked by the change in the repulsor light from blue to red, this function enhances the user's strength to considerable levels. Due to the strain this add-on puts on the armor's repulsor systems, Combat Mode isn't meant for sustained, heavy use.[2] The armor additionally possesses wrist-mounted machine guns[6] and missile launchers.[7] At 92% of power, the suit's repulsor blasts were capable of knocking down and scorching a giant rampaging robot.[8]


  • The numerical designation provided in this article for this suit is tentative, based on an estimate of the number of models of the War Machine Armor that have existed.
  • The suit and its design was unveiled in January 10, 2011 ahead of the release of Iron Man 2.0 #1.[9]
  • Since the suit sports all of Tony Stark's latest beta tests, there only was one copy of this armor.[2]

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