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After thwarting the plans of Palmer Addley to spread his consciousness worldwide, War Machine suggested Iron Man to make major upgrades to his then-current armor.[1] The end result was presumably this model of the War Machine Armor, which returns to make the use of heavy weaponry primary, while retaining aspects of the previous model's stealth capabilities.[2]

This armor was heavily damaged during a confrontation against the Melter, Whirlwind and the Living Laser at the end of which Rhodes faked his death.[2] Afterwards, Rhodey donned a new suit to become the new anonymous Iron Man.[3]

Rhodey later returned to this armor.[4] During an adventure in Japan, he had the armor stripped off him by the Techno Golem to build herself a suit.[5] Rhodes subsequently employed another copy of the armor,[6] and used it interchangeably with the War Machine Armor Model 8 until his temporary death.[7]


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