Quote1 Cause and Effect. What we do here determines the Future. Zeitkrieg is founded on that Concept. Do you have a Son yet, Herr Grinz? Quote2
-- War Machine

Appearing in "... a Time to Keep, and a Time to Cast Away"

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Synopsis for "... a Time to Keep, and a Time to Cast Away"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Raeder revealed to be Grinz's son; since both Names are surnames Raeder is most likely an alias for Grinz Jr.
  • The other Howler is only seen from behind, but since Izzy is normally the guy with the helmet it is probably him.
  • The WWII-Era in this storyline doesn't have an Earth-designation, the story is mentioned in War Machine's Handbook entry though; since the Timequake was felt in 1995 as well it probably really is Earth-616's 1943 and Fury's death in last issue was undone.


  • Genero's first name is revealed next issue.

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