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Quote1.png I just thought you should know...that if anyone here...dares to interfere with true justice...including you my champion...I'll personally send you -- and all your sons and daughters -- straight down to uncle Pluto's dark domain. Quote2.png

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War Machine has exposed multiple examples of corruption around the country. However, he is still put on trial for treason and crimes against humanity, mainly for Osborn to distract the public from the persecution of the Bainesville Ten. Rhodey, his tech covered with plastic so he can't assimilate anything, simply wants to have his last meal before the death sentence. The judge states that intention court does not administer that penalty; he retorts that they're doing this trial for Osborn. He asks to be taken back to his cell.

Meanwhile, Parnell Jacobs suggests to rescue Rhodey from the high tech prison he's being held in, to which they refuse, as he would have already called.

Osborn is happy that all American attention is focused on Rhodey. However, Ares crashes in, refusing to let his "champion" be prosecuted. Osborn points out that Rhodey refused every offer they made him. Therefore, they will have to broadcast Rhodey's "great hits" to the entire world.

Rhodey is visited by Matt Murdock, making an exception in his goal to help innocent people. However, Rhodey refuses to let the trial be extended. He actually called Murdock so he could elaborate on what happened in Aqiria; Murdock was actually here to listen. As soon as Murdock leaves, Rhodey accesses a small circuit he made out of silicon in his cell wall, communication with Suzi Endo, who is floating in the Ultimo orb seven miles above Portland, Oregon. She offers to help free him but he refuses, stating that he needs to stay where he is in order for his plan to work. However, he tells her to do something for him. Instantly, a small drop of liquid metal from Ultimo falls down to an Osborntech lab in Bancor, Maine, causing a small power surge, sneaking inside undetected.

New York, eleven hours later, Osborn learns that Rhodey has fired his lawyer, sending him back to the prosecution of the Bainesville Ten and is prepared to take the stand. However, Ares storms into the trial, determined to make sure the trial runs smoothly, threatening the judge's family if they don't. Therefore, the judge declares that Rhodey's offer to self-incriminate is denied and will be assigned a new lawyer by tomorrow.

Osborn receives a call from Bethany. H.A.M.M.E.R. traces the signal to her shuttle, which was en route to Rhodey's prison. However, as Ms. Marvel destroys it, it is revealed to be a decoy, as Team War Machine's real target was the lab in Bancor, where they retrieve Rhodey's clone body.

Solicit Synopsis

Marvel's Trial of the Century begins in “War Crimes” Part 1! After ten issues of taking on madmen and monsters around the globe, War Machine's quest for justice has finally forced the world to take action. But it's not the genocidists of Santo Marco or the murderous leaders of Eaglestar International in chains in the courtroom -- it's War Machine himself! Find out where the biggest heroes in the Marvel Universe stand when the whole planet calls James Rhodes a criminal in the series that Wizard calls “the book to beat when it comes to badass action and international espionage.”


  • Portland, Oregon is the place where Victoria Hand was transferred to after she sent a letter regarding her views on the war on terror to Nick Fury in Dark Avengers #11.

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