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Quote1.png Right now they're seeing every recording of every person who was raped or tortured or killed because of their orders. They'll see all that blood and pain and misery again and again... forever and ever... amen. Quote2.png
Jim Rhodes

Appearing in "War Crimes, Part 2"

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  • Daniel Cetewayo




Synopsis for "War Crimes, Part 2"

Rhodey's new lawyer, Daniel Cetewayo, attempts to convince him to take the stand and convince the judges that he's not a homicidal maniac, to trying and explain that his intentions were good. However, Rhodey refuses to listen, causing his mother to slap him. As his lawyer leaves, Rhodey's mother attempts to tell him that he had done his job in exposing the Bainesville Ten. Rhodey retorts that Osborn is doing everything he can to cut them loose again and is using the trial as a distraction. Therefore, the sooner he's convicted, the better. Mrs. Rhodes says that she can't give up on her own son. Rhodey says that he never gives up. Then then accesses the circuit on his cell wall, communicating with Team War Machine, who have successfully retaken his clone body. All what they need is for Suzi Endo to wirelessly transfer his brain patterns to the clone body, as long as it's in a thousand mile radius. Unfortunately, Osborn, who had been listening in on their talk, due having knowledge about Ultimo and sics H.A.M.M.E.R. on the team. However, the team holds their own. Meanwhile, Rhodey is furious that his team isn't going after the Bainesville Ten, who are being smuggled out of the country. Unfortunately, his outburst alerts the guards, who attempt to subdue him. Over the comm, Glenda Sandoval yells at him to let someone help him for once. Then suddenly, Ares crashes into Rhodey's cell, ready to defend his champion.

In a press conference, Osborn tells the world that he had authorized the attack on Rhodey's prison, claiming that H.A.M.M.E.R. agents liberated the "real" Rhodey and that the cyborg Rhodey is a fake. He promises a pardon of all charges. However, his troops have orders to eliminate the cyborg Rhodes.

Back in prison, Rhodey goes down defending a kid he previously saved in Ariqia, much his mother's and Ares' shock.

Later, Osborn communicates with the Bainesville Ten, informing them that he had made sure that they have been absolved from prosecution. Then suddenly, all the members start convulsing in pain. And the rhodey clone behind Osborn comes to life and punches him. In fact, Suzi had known about Osborn's connection to Ultimo, so she lied about the distance needed to transfer Rhodey's mind. Also, each member of the Bainesville Ten have been infected with drops of Ultimo, causing them to relive their crimes over and over again.

Osborn attempts to shoot Rhodey but his gun jams; Rhodey had outsmarted him. He is then evacuated by his team.

Two weeks later, the Navajo Nation, Rhodey has a small reunion with his mother, before taking off in full War Machine armor.

Solicit Synopsis

Marvel's Trial of the Century concludes in “War Crimes” Part 2! After targeting madmen and monsters around the globe, James Rhodes must now confront the consequences of his controversial actions! Red tape couldn’t stop War Machine…but will chains, handcuffs and prison bars halt his quest in this series finale?

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