Quote1.png Look around at the terror in their eyes. You taught these cursed mortals to dread the strife in which they revel. Now. 'Til I call on you again...go in peace...my champion. Quote2.png
-- Ares

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Synopsis for 1st story

War Machine opens up his ports and absorbs every bit of Ultimo virus, curing everyone including Ares, in the process. He is in turn cured with the help of Suzi Endo. When everyone is safe, Norman Osborn offers Rhodes a chance to have a fully human body again, in a cloned form. Rhodey turns him down, and decides that the Ultimo virus came from somewhere, so he's headed for the U.S.


  • This issue contained a variant Wolverine cover for Wolverine Art Appreciation month.
  • This issue is reprinted in the trade War Machine: Iron Heart.

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