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Quote1.png It's versatile. Really anything you want it to be. A hand cannon, An earthen sword. A grappling glove. A Swiss Army mitten. The roots bond with your nerves, so the interface is neuro-responsive. Play around with it. And good luck... Not that you need it. Quote2.png

The war mitten was a versatile weapon with a neural-interface created by Forge combining Krakoan organics with more traditional artillery. As long as the mitten is rooted and watered each night, it can create an unlimited amount of ammunition.[2]


The war mitten was created by Forge while he was experimenting with hybridizing Krakoan organics with more traditional artillery. The weapon was given to Domino after she returned to Krakoa and joined X-Force.[2]

During MERC's assault on Greenspace, Domino used the war mitten to create a defensive shield to deflect gunfire, grappling vines to ensnare an opponent, an arm cannon, and Wolverine-style claws.[3] She continued to use the war mitten during X-Force missions, predominantly as an offensive firearm.[4] During a return mission to Terra Verde, Domino used the war mitten to create a machete to create a path in the rainforest.[5]

When she was separated from her teammates inside the pitch-black Ya'ax, Domino used the war mitten to create a night-vision eyepiece to allow her to follow the trail of Wolverine's blood.[1]


* Neural-Interface: The war mitten interacts directly with the user's central nervous system allowing it to respond to thoughts.[2]

  • Metamorphic Versatility: The war mitten can transform into virtually weapon or tool.[2]

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