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Rise of War Thor

Following the Maestro's invasion of the Realm Eternal and Odin's destruction of the Bifrost, the Nine Realms were left in chaos. The decision to destroy the Bifrost triggered a near-cataclysmic magical chain reaction that consumed much of the Realms in deep and wide glaciers of unmelting ice. Severed from the outer worlds and with the topography of their world completely transformed, the reality of the closed system brought fear and panic amongst the myriad kingdoms, and in short order skirmishes broke out across all the borders. Battles beget battles, and quickly the Nine Realms were consumed by an all-out war with little in the way of allies or sides. Following a year of bloodshed, War Thor arose from seemingly nowhere; a nameless Vanir soldier who built her name on triumph after triumph, until she had deposed so many warlords that none were left to oppose her. Once armed with undisputed rule she brought a swift end to the war, but surprised the remaining denizens of the Nine Realms with a decree: No longer would there be individual peoples of the Nine Realms; all were deemed Asgardian, and all would fly the same flag. While initially cautious, the people of the new Asgard were grateful the fighting was over, and in time the united Nine Realms began to rebuild.

Rebuilding her country

The reforging and physical uniting of the new Asgard took an immense effort, one that would also demand a significant amount of time. War Thor wasted none of this opportunity, bringing together and training a massive army to prevent her beloved lands from ever being ravaged by the likes of the Maestro again. Regularly she proved her merit as Queen by trial in combat, but used each challenge to teach her soldiers a way to better their own skills, demanding that she would only pass rule to the one who would cut her down. Her strategy worked on the fiery peoples of Asgard, igniting a fervor for greatness that many had assumed dead when the Maestro assaulted their world, and Odin’s actions left it encased in an eternal, frozen prison. Just as War Thor felt she had pushed her people as far as they could go, Asgard surprised its populace by reacting to their unity; the Bifrost reforged itself, no longer a brilliant rainbow bridge but a splintered, star-splashed walkway that glittered with unknowable cosmic depths, its deep scars reflecting the tribulations of Asgard’s history. With their pathway returned and forces united, War Thor ordered the confident return of her people to Battleworld.

The Maelstrom

When their connection to the world was reestablished, the Asgardians found a Battleworld that was very different to the one they had seen during The Maestro’s invasion, now comparatively peaceful but divided and paranoid. The people of the Nine Realms moved quickly to reestablish old allegiances, but many of those erstwhile companions were cold in reception and offered little more than token words of kindness and assurances of peace. Curiously the Asgardians and their Queen found kinship in the once-armies of The Maestro, their new and warlike nature meshing well with the domineering and destructive culture cultivated by the Gamma Horde. For a time the two peoples shared a prosperous relationship, trading resources and even techniques, with many of their soldiers traveling to and fro to learn from each other.

The Emerald War

No one is entirely sure what sparked what the Nine Realms refer to as the “Emerald War,” but the results were disastrous. Almost overnight the prosperous relationship between the two powerful factions was shattered, resulting in a brutal clash that lasted for weeks and saw both sides sustain considerable losses before retreating back to their respective territories. Neither group took responsibility for the inciting incident, but the Queen's dark elf advisors communicated to her a strong belief that it had been an act of sabotage from one of the other factions; possibly to prevent Asgard or the Gamma Horde from gaining greater strength. While vehemently denied by Asgard’s public voices, it is rumored that a small contingent of Hulks forsook the Gamma Horde to remain amongst the Asgardians as a member of their diverse peoples, continuing to train as soldiers of the Nine Realms.

Powers and Abilities



  • Advanced Battlefield Strategy (Small and Large-scale unit tactics)
  • Expert in the usage of over 37 Nidavellirian forged weapons



  • Hripuðrhrím

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