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The War Widow Armor was a War Machine-type battlesuit designed by Tony Stark for the Black Widow,[1] and it was kept at the Avengers Mountain. When the Avengers enlisted Black Widow's help in investigating the emergence of the new Starbrand, Natasha decided to take the armor for the trip.[2] She ended up donning the suit to fend off Ghost Rider's crashed Hell Charger from a group of Skrulls,[3] and then she used it to confront the Silver Surfer, one of three former Heralds of Galactus also searching for the Starbrand, with no success.[1] When the Avengers and the Heralds found the Starbrand, a pregnant woman named Suzanne Selby, the heroes confronted her would-be killers until she could give birth.[4]



The War Widow Armor possesses all the standard enhancements of an Iron Man Armor, including enhanced durability, superhuman strength and flight. In terms of weaponry, the suit includes repulsor blasts, two shoulder-mounted retractable tri-barrel rocket launchers and missile launchers in the back of the hands. The armor can also deploy six small waldoes from the lower torso, the upper arms and the back that can fire energy beams.[1]

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