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Quote1.png Pray to your gods you never see me again, Starbolt. For when you will mean your death is nigh. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Enemy of My Enemy"

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  • Kree Ship
  • Shi'ar Ship

Synopsis for "The Enemy of My Enemy"

In the vastness of space, a Shi'ar battle cruiser approaches the Great Portal. Aboard, is Starbolt of the Imperial Guard and he is fascinated by the power emanating from the portal. Just as his crew warns him that the portal is attempting to pull them in, they are attacked by a Kree ship. Aboard this vessel is Gorgon of the Inhumans, who gives the Shi'ar one chance to surrender. Starbolt refuses and orders his men to open fire, but soon both ships are pulled through the portal. The energies of the portals incapacitate both ships forcing their crews to prepare for the worst. Gorgon sends a distress call. He is informed that Lockjaw can lock in on his location and rescue them in about twelve hours. The two craft crash land on the planet Sakaar. Emerging from his vessel, Gorgon wonders what sort of hell they have landed on. Not far away, the crash landings are being observed by Skaar, the Son of Hulk.

Soon, the Kree and Shi'ar warriors are locked in a firefight with each other. Suddenly, in the middle of the battle, both sides are swarmed by an army of Wildebots. Starbolts flies to higher ground only to watch his soldiers get slaughtered. Meanwhile, Gorgon stamps his hooves on the ground, opening up a pit, causing the feral robots to fall into the newly open chasm. However, just like Starbolt, Gorgon's soldiers were slain in the surprise attack. Soon the pair are fighting it out with each other. Witnessing this is Skaar and his ally Old Sam. The elder Shadow is concerned that these invaders on their world will bring more aliens to Sakaar. Thinking this over, Skaar decides that they will kill the invaders to prevent them from returning home. Skaar then begins throwing massive rocks at the two combatants forcing them to flee the scene in opposite directions. Although they got away, Skaar is confident that they will not survive a night on planet Sakaar. With the temperature plummeting, Gorgon seeks out food and shelter, while Starbolt seeks out a heat source to replenish his flame. Both men fear that they might die this night, neither wants to give their enemy the satisfaction by dying first.

The pair soon find themselves ambushed by creatures unique to Sakaar. While Starbolt fends off a carnivorous plant, Gorgon finds himself facing off against a Devil Corker. While they manage to slay the beasts, Starbolt fare worse off as he has grown much weaker. With his life on the line, the Imperial Guardsman manages to find an open magma flow, but it is defended by a Mawkaw Magong. Struggling to beat back the creature, he soon discovers that Gorgon is watching him. However, instead of waiting for his enemy to die, Gorgon actually offers to aid him, but only if the Shi'ar warrior surrenders to him. With no other choice, Starbolt grudgingly agrees to surrender. Gorgon then dispatches the lava monster by sending tons of rock raining down on it. This allows Starbolt to replenish himself in the lava pool unmolested. Realizing the dangers of this world, the pair agree to work together as allies as long as they are trapped on this planet. The two uneasy allies fight their way through the vairous perils of Sakaar and get to learn each other. Gorgon discovers that Starbolt sacrificed his humanity to become a being of pure energy in order to better serve his people.

By dawn, they come across an elderly woman praying in front of the scene of a massive battle. When they ask her what happened, she explains that Skaar, the Son of Hulk battled to obtain the Old Power. Gorgon doesn't like the sound of this and believes they should warn their respective worlds when they get off this planet. Suddenly, they are confronted by Skaar. Impressed that the pair managed to survive the night, Skaar offers them the chance to leave this world and never come back, warning them that he will kill whoever returns. Gorgon is not phased by the threat, and still remembering how Skaar's father attacked his people attacks Skaar. While he is disorientated, Starbolt blasts him. As the two unlikely allies recover from the battle, they presume that Skaar is dead. However, they are wrong, as Skaar emerges from the exposed lava pool unscathed. But, before the Son of Hulk can resume his attack on the two invaders, Lockjaw appears and teleports them away in the nick of time.

Gorgon and Starbolt are teleported to Attilan where the Inhuman guarantees that Starbolt will be treated fairly as a prisoner of war. However, Starbolt grabs Luna and holds her hostage to try and get free. In order to save Luna, Lockjaw teleports them all to the Shi'ar throneworld. Disorientated, Starbolt is caught off guard by Gorgon's stomping hooves, allowing him to recover Luna and teleport back to Attilan. While Gorgon reports to Black Bolt and Medusa, Starbolt reports to Emperor Vulcan. Both men tell of their time on Sakaar and in mentioning the Old Power, their respecitve leaders consider obtaining it for themselves before the otherside can claim it.


Continuity Notes

  • Multiple mentions are made of the war between the Shi'ar and the Kree/Inhumans. This has been an ongoing situation at the time of this story since the Inhumans conquered the Kree in Secret Invasion: War of Kings #1. This story takes place between the War of Kings event. Part of the reason of a war between these two alien races is that, for years, the Kree empire had been annexed by the Shi'ar following the events of Operation Galactic Storm.
  • Gorgon mentions how Starbolt almost slit his cousin's throat during her wedding. He is referring to how the Shi'ar attacked the marriage of Crystal to Ronan the Accuser in War of Kings #2.
  • Starbolt mentions Gorgon's recent further mutation, this happened due to additional exposure to the Terrigen Mists in Silent War #1.
  • Gorgon recounts how Skaars father had recently attacked the Inhumans. He is referring to the events of World War Hulk #1.

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