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Quote1.png So the Shi'ar have a new ruler, a strong figurehead to lead them into this dangerous new age. If they could only see what I can see. If they could only see half of the horror that the Fault will bring to their universe. I pity the Shi'ar! They have spent so long agonizing about who will rule...when we all know the Magus will rule in the end! Quote2.png

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Gladiator muses over the ripe in time and space, surveyed by hologram created by Black Bolt's bomb. It wouldn't have happened if Vulcan had launched a pre-emptive attack against the Inhumans and the Kree. Then, Counselor Araki informs him that the criminal Starjammer Havok is here to see him; he snaps that Havok is no criminal nor is he himself praetor of the Imperial Guard. After snapping at Araki for her family's sins, he meets with the Starjammers, who have identified Lilandra's assassin. He ends the conversation prematurely to attend to Lilandra's funeral. Araki then tells him the Inhumans are arriving. She also brings up the issue of who Vulcan's successor to rule the Imperium will be, implying it must be him, to strength their people's resolve; he sees through and snaps that he's no praetor or Majestor.

As Attilan lands on Chandilar, the Inhumans disembark for the funeral. Among them are Admirla Ka'ardum and Ronan the Accuser. The latter suggests that he, of the Neramani blood, could take the throne but Ka'ardum denies, stating that his people would rise up against him if he did; Accuser states that he ruled his people out of necessity, a burden he would take again.

Later, Crystal confides in Polaris that she would be the regent and Majestrix of the Shi'ar. Though she doesn't like it, it's her duty but she feels more for the Kree. Polaris asks if is it in part of her husband; Crystal snaps at her for mocking Ronan and tells her that they do not share a bed; Polaris implies that Crystal may have feelings for Ronan.

Gladiator helps with the relief effort when he directed to a person buried beneath rubble, assisted by Crystal. Once the job is done, they talk regarding the Shi'ar throne; Gladiator says once again that he's not going to do it, mainly because he feels responsible for Lilandra and the civil war.

The next day, the funeral procession is in session. However, the Imperial Guard bars the way, declaring that since Vulcan is not confirmed dead, they should be taking control and demands that the Inhumans leave. Medusa angrily attacks them, starting a fight, before Gladiator pounds his fist into the ground, before taking up the Majestor staff, declaring himself Majestor of the Shi'ar. As the people cheer his initiative, Araki slips away, revealing herself as the Darkhawk Talon, who feels that Gladiator will do in the Great Purpose for the Fraternity of Raptors.

Elsewhere, Magus is musing over the recent news regarding the Shi'ar. Now he plans to bring the horrors the Fault will bring upon the universe.


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