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Quote1.png Today you have made a mortal error, Shi'ar...and you shall pay in blood! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Asunder"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Hala
    • Gon-Ket Glacier
    • Babel Spire



  • Starjammer
  • Divine Principles of Immolation (Shi'ar superdestroyer) (Destruction)
  • Hammer II (Shi'ar flagship)

Synopsis for "Asunder"

The Starjammer is inbound towards Kree territory, being chased by a Shi'ar super-destroyer, Divine Principles of Immolation. Havok tries to hail the Kree to open the shield for them but doesn't get any response. Polaris grabs the communicator and announces to the Kree that she is Crystal Amaquelin Maximoff's sister in-law attempting to attend her wedding. This is enough for the Kree to make open a small portal in the barrier to allow the Starjammer in, but not big enough for the destroyer, which slams into the shield and is destroyed.

On Hala, as Kree servants prepare Crystal's wedding dress, Polaris teases her on how she's engaged to Ronan the Accuser. Crystal shouts at her to stop it. She asserts that the Inhumans are taking control of their own destiny, to actually rule something. Polaris asks if their next move is to conquer the galaxy and points out that the Shi'ar won't like that. Crystal states that Black Bolt has not yet announced what to do beyond their current territories. They then discuss the wedding, which Crystal sees as a political alliance between their two races and she doesn't really love Ronan. However, unknown to both of them, Ronan is beneath the balcony, holding a bouquet of flowers. Hurt that she doesn't reciprocates his feelings, leaves and throws the bouquet aside.

Meanwhile, Lilandra, kneeling before the Inhumans Royal Family, respectfully asks for asylum with the Kree. Maximus speaks out of term, citing that Vulcan would not be happy with them if they did that; Medusa pushes him aside, stating that she speaks for her husband. Lilandra reasons that with both Kree and Inhumans working together, they might be able to oppose Vulcan, who would no doubtedly attempt to conquer their empire. Medusa states that they may not want a conflict with the Shi'ar, who have never faced the Inhuman Elite.

Aboard the Shi'ar flagship, Hammer II, Vulcan has his entire Imperial Guard assembled, ready to fight to the death for him. And by that, he means crash the wedding.

On Hala's southern pole, the wedding has commenced. However, a shapeshifter becomes a suicide bomb to destroy the Babel Spire that generates the galaxy-wide shield, enabling the Shi'ar armada to invade Kree space and the Imperial Guard to storm the wedding. Caught by surprise, the Inhumans and Kree fight back. Black Bolt engages Gladiator, only to give an opening for White Noise to uses her noise cancelling powers to stun him. Lilandra is also captured by Mentor, who takes her out with a warp portal. Ch'od attempts to rescue her only for the closing portal to sever his right hand. Ronan is heavily wounded by the guardsmen, before they call a tactical retreat. Medusa shouts to the sky that the Shi'ar have made a mortal mistake, which they will pay in blood!


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