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Quote1.png Then this is how the world ends. In rage and blood and fire. Quote2.png

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  • Hammer II

Synopsis for "In Rage and Blood and Fire"

Word of Lilandra's death reaches Attilan. Because of her death, hope of ending the war prematurely is lost. Therefore, the Inhumans decide to switch to their contingency plan. Immediately, Attilan lifts off Hala.

Meanwhile, aboard the Shi'ar flagship, Vulcan is extremely pleased with that Lilandra is out of his life forever. However, Admiral Ka'ardum reminds him of his previous counsel; because of this, a civil war is already brewing in the Imperium between factions loyal to Lilandra and Vulcan. He advises that Vulcan sue for peace with the Inhumans and return to their planets to restore order against the dissidents. Even the Raptor Talon advocates this and informs Vulcan that he is not the ruler of the Shi'ar, merely the custodian. His Fraternity of Raptors has foreseen this and orders Vulcan to follow his admiral's advice, if he wants the continued support of the Fraternity of Raptors, otherwise they will find a better replacement for him. Vulcan furiously attacks Talon, stating that he "killed men for saying less." The Raptors points out that it explains the trouble he's in, before leaving his flagship. However, immediately heads for an intercept course with Attilan, ignoring Talon's advice and orders the rest of his fleet to follow, intending to cut off the serpent's head.

As Attilan approaches Shi'ar space, Ronan and Crystal furiously barges in on the Royal Family, demanding to know what is going on. Maximus explains that he created the Utterance of Destiny, or T-Bomb, a device powered by Black Bolt's voice, containing weaponized Terrigen, which they would spread to the entire cosmos. This would genetically uplift all races to Inhuman status, which the Royal Family believe would end racial difference and bring about universal peace. Crystal is opposed to this plan, as the Terrigen mutagen is sacred and should not be used as a weapon. Furthermore, her meeting with the Guardians of the Galaxy showed her that space is literally falling apart and they should not think to decide the fate of the universe. Ronan backs up his wife, mainly because he is concerned that his people would be the new Alpha Primitives of the universe, since they are incompatible with the process; Medusa promises that the Kree problem will be solved eventually and calls the both of them naive.

On the Shiar' homeworld, Chandilar, the civil war Ka'ardum predicted is unfolding. The Starjammers, along with Gladiator, attempt to control the situation. Gladiator is more desiring to take down Chancellor Araki, who is the real power behind the Imperium and the one who ordered Lilandra's death. He engages Araki's bodyguard, Black Cloak, whom Rachel Summers recognizes as the one who killed her family and kills him in retaliation. Gladiator corrects her; it was Araki who gave the order. He then brutally kills him.

As the Starjammers mourn their loss, Polaris and Havok realize that only Vulcan can restore order to the Imperium.

Meanwhile, Attilan launches the T-Bomb. Medusa assures everyone that her husband is leading them into a new age of peace and equality. However, Maximus adds that Black Bolt isn't going to see the future, as he is on the T-Bomb, personally powering it, intent on sacrificing himself for the glory of peace. Furious, Medusa thrashes her brother in-law against a wall with her hair. She then tries contacting her husband, pleading him not go after losing him to the Skrulls once. The silent king looks are picture of her and their son before placing a glass chamber over his head, whispering "Goodbye", slowly giving power to the T-Bomb. However, the T-Bomb is intercepted by Vulcan, who plows through the robotic sentries before charging inside the mechanism, determined to fight Black Bolt -- king to king.

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