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Quote1.png He... he defeated Vulcan. Killed him, I thought. We were beginning to 'port back out. But Vulcan wasn't dead. He'd... re-formed somehow. He tore Black Bolt away from Lockjaw... he... Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "War of Kings"

Black Bolt and Vulcan fight inside the T-Bomb, causing instabilities to its fragile structure. Vulcan notices that the silent king is not using his devastating voice; realizing that his foe doesn't want to damage or even set off this grand device, he guess that Black Bolt was intent on unleashing a super weapon to destroy the entire Shi'ar Imperium. These instabilities are detected by Attilan, which makes Maximus guess that the bomb will go off prematurely; Medusa more over, is furious that no one told her that her husband intended to sacrifice himself. Karnak points out a better question: why didn't her husband himself tell her, causing silence. Medusa mutters to herself that Black Bolt never tells her anything. Nonetheless, she forbids anyone from interfering in his dream to elevate all species to Inhuman status, despite Ronan's objections that it is a mistake. However, Crystal takes the initiative and teleports out with Lockjaw.

On Chndrilar, the Shi'ar homeworld, Havok and Polaris look over in shock at the devastation caused by the civil war that not even Vulcan can repair. As the Starjammers leave, Gladiator picks up the Imperial Scepter, which many Shiar citizens notice and pleads him to be their Majestor.

Back on the T-Bomb, Vulcan is close to winning the fight and declares that Black Bolt is finished. However, Black Bolt lets out of yell that sears Vulcan, cleaning off his flesh. As the weapon becomes close to overload, Crystal appears, rendering the Terrigen crystals inert. She reminds Black Bolt that he is a king, not a god and doesn't have the right to make a decision for the galaxy, otherwise he would be no better than Vulcan. But before they could teleport out, Vulcan tackles Black Bolt, voicing his thought to send the bomb back to Attilan and annihilate the entire Royal Family. But before Black Bolt utter a word, the T-Bomb explodes, causing a shockwave that devastating the Shi'ar fleet and tore a hole in the fabric of space and time that stretched parsecs apart. Admiral Ka'ardum then hails the Inhumans, having lost a large percentage of his fleet, and surrenders unconditionally. Crystal and Lockjaw reappear, but without Black Bolt. Medusa cries in sorrow in her sister's arms as the latter declares that they've won.

Solicit Synopsis

This is it – the big fight for all the cosmic marbles! Shi'Ar vs. Inhuman! Black Bolt vs. Vulcan! Who will rule? The fate of two intergalactic civilizations teeters on the brink, and the outcome of this conflict will send shockwaves throughout the Marvel Universe! Don’t miss the climactic chapter in what calls: "Action-packed but intimate and character driven…this could very well be the textbook definition of how to execute major superhero storylines."

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