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Event Synopsis

Background & early steps

The War of Realms was ignited by at least two major successions of events occurring parallelly :

Malekith's moves

Once evaded from Nastrond Prison, Malekith the Accursed ignited Svartalfheim Civil War, slaughtering his people wherever they were in the Nine Realms and killed the Queen Alflyse. Opposed by the League of Realms (a group composed of representatives of many Realms and led by Thor), Malekith convinced the Council of the Unhallowed he was tracking to appoint him King.[6]

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At that point, he had already allied himself with the Frost Giants,[7] and then went with them to Muspelheim to propose an alliance to the Fire Demons, to build up a League of Realms of their own.[8]

Malekith then accompanied the Frost Giants, led by Skrymir,[9] to reclaim Laufey's skull,[10] ensuing a clash with Roxxon (who had retrieved it) and its CEO Dario Agger, the Odinson (now deprived from Mjolnir) whose arm as cut off by Malekith and the new Thor.[11] That raid's conclusion included the death of Skrymir,[9] the smashing of the skull (revealed to be a decoy) and a brawl between Thor and the Odinson, this one accepting the new owner of the hammer. Malekith then fled away, protecting himself from retaliation using his elected king status, and destroying Thor's arm, but soon return to form an alliance with Dario Agger over the real skull of Laufey.[12]

Later, Malekith and Agger concluded a deal: Svartalfheim oil for the skull of Laufey.[13] While Thor and the Destroyer battled on Roxxon Island, the two villains went to Alfheim to slaughter Light Elves.[14] Using the blood of a hundred of them, Malekith was able to resurrect Laufey.[15]

His alliance was joined by Dario Agger (allowed to pump the oil of Svartalfheim and promised the resources of Alfheim) Ulik, King of Trolls, while Muspelheim leader, the Queen of Cinders, was represented by two Fire Demons.[16]

Asgardia inner troubles

Returning from his self-imposed exile along with his brother Cul, the Serpent, Odin refused to acknowledge the Congress of Worlds' authority, ruling without them,[17] and refused as well to allow the All-Mother to command,[10] starting by her leading the Asgardians to repel the Jotuns attack on Roxxon, in compliance with their oath to protect Midgard.[10][12]

Quickly, Odin grew hatred towards the new Thor, while Freyja and the Odinson had accepted her as the Goddess of Thunder and supported her. To support himself, Odin appointed Cul as Royal Inquisitor and Minister of Justice, despite the fact such appointment had to be validated by the Congress, validation he despised. Odin then started to imprison more and more, starting with his viziers who were unable to discover Thor's identity.[18]

Parallelly, Freyja met with Thor to offer her her blessing and advise her caution while Odin, unable to unveil her identity, decided to use the Destroyer to return Mjolnir along with the usurper,[18] with Cul as pilot of the armor.[13]

As Thor was about to attack Agger and Malekith while they concluded their pact on Roxxon Island, the Destroyer was deployed.[13] Quickly on the verge of defeat, Thor was rescued by Freyja and the Odinson, along with an army of female Gods and heroes suspected of being that new Thor.[14] Odin eventually called the Destroyer back, and started to rule from behind the doors of his castle.[15]

Facing the Ragnarök of the Final Incursion, Odin confronted to the Congress of Worlds and pressed them to kneel to his power, consequently leading to Freyja's rage.[19]

During the following months, after the Secret Wars, the All-Father became a tyrant, ruling Asgardia with an iron fist from castle. His decree was enforced by the Thunder Guard, a group of Asgardians led by Cul as a law enforcement unit.[16]

Thor branded enemy of the Realm Eternal, Freyja was arrested for her support to the Goddess of Thunder,[3] while Odin retreated in his castle for months.[16]

The track for the "False Thor" kept going on, while the Congress of Worlds feared Odin too much to act on their own, seeing the All-Father as their enemy.[16] At some point, Freyja schemed with Loki,[17] for him to be her spy among the Dark Council. Somehow, Loki changed affiliation, feigning to be on Freyja's side.[2]

Sif banded with other warriors, standing ready to free the All-Mother, but Freyja refused them to intervene. Meanwhile Fandral and Hogun searched the galaxy for the Odinson, in vain,[16], this one being prisoner from aliens in the old city of Asgard.[2]

Alfheim and Asgardia

War of the Elves[20][17][21]
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War of the Elves[20][17][21]
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War of the Elves

The Dark Elves, equipped with Roxxon artillery, went forth into the Light Elves territories, slaughtering every living creature.[16]

As a provocation towards Thor, Light Elf bodies were projected in the sky of Midgard, inadvertently destroying Roxxon's Roxx News Storm-Tracking Space Station. Once that done, Malekith's plan was to send Loki to kill Thor, despite the defiance of Laufey.[16]

At the Congress of Worlds, Alfheim senator Milkmane was unable to obtain results despite Midgard senator Jane Foster's supports.[16]

As Thor, she went to Alfheim (after being told so by Freyja, attacked at the Bifrost by Cul Borson and his Thunder Guard, and protected by Heimdall) and disrupted the assault of the Dark Elf Necro-Troops, then retreated to Ljosalfgard and held the city as the Queen's Road was lost to the enemy, until Loki arrived.[20]

Malekith remained apart, monitoring the battle along with his War Witches, the Enchantress and Laufey.[20]

After a brawl between Loki's many aspects and Thor, the city was bombed by Dark Elf Bat Riders carrying Roxxon bombs under Malekith's orders, as his ally Laufey wished to kill his son as well as Thor. To save the Light Elves, Thor caused the detonation of all of the bombs, causing her to be separated from Mjolnir and revert to her human form.[22]

At some point, Queen Aelsa had the Dwarves of Nidavellir agreed to accept all Light Elf refugees,[17] complying to ancient treaties,[23] and her mages opened the portals for her people to evacuate.[17]

The Light Elf forces in shambles, the Dark Elves moved on Ljosalfgard Jane Foster managed to grab Mjolnir back and regained her Thor form and stopped them again.[17]

At this point, Aelsa bursted out her hiding, asking Thor to stand aside and summoning Malekith to "negotiation", intending to buy the time for the evacuation to be completed. The Enchantress secretly infiltrated the place, killing the mages tasked with protecting Aelsa and replacing them with illusions.[17]

Thor was left outside of those negotiations, as well as both sides Elf forces and Loki (who was bound and restrained), while Laufey arrived.[17]

Inside, Malekith proposed Aelsa to unite their peoples and lands, which she refused. The Enchantress then revealed herself, casting a spell to force the union of Aelsa to Malekith.[17]

Moments later, Aelsa appeared to her people, proclaiming the war of the Elves over and her wedding to Malekith, and dismissing Thor who was informed of Freyja's trial.[17]

While Thor intervened on Asgardia, Malekith was married to Aelsa, who came back to her senses only to be imprisoned.[2]

The Civil War of the Gods[2]
Information-silk Official Name
The Civil War of the Gods[2]
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"Civil war in Asgard"[2]
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The Civil War of the Gods

After the arrest of Heimdall for having protected Thor against the Thunder Guard,[20] the people of the Nine Realms (including Hildegarde, Fandral, Lady Sif, Hogun, Kelda, unnamed Asgardians, Angels, Dwarves, Light Elves, Vanir...) went on a protest against his internment and Freyja's trial for charges of treason.[17]

As the protesters were told to disperse by Cul, leading the Thunder Guard and protecting the palace, the crowd led by Sif assaulted them. The riot was quickly dismissed by the Destroyer.[17]

As Odin was about to deliver a death sentence over Freyja, Thor irrupted, bringing the chained Loki with her, and opposed Odin,[17] using Mjolnir to project him to Moons of Saturn and opposing him there in a cosmic battle.[2]

Back on Asgardia, Freyja, Heimdall and Loki were freed by the rioters. Along with Hildegarde, Fandral, Hogun, Sif, Senator Volstagg, Heimdall, Loki (despite Sif's protest) and an unknown warrior, Freyja decided to hold the throne room and fought Cul, his Thunder Guard and the Destroyer.[2]

Loki, asked to find the god controlling the Destroyer, back-stabbed his mother with a poisoned dagger before fleeing away. At that point, the battle ended. Loki was looked for in Asgard, but Cul, who found him, let him flee to warn the Dark Council that Asgard was off-limit for them.[2]

Odin, whose fight with Thor had displaced on Jupiter, sensed Freyja's fall, and returned bring her into the chamber of the Odinsleep.[2]


Dark Council

As Aelsa was imprisoned and Alfheim under the rule of Malekith, he had a toast for the War of the Realms, and interrogated his fellows of the Dark Council, invited to the wedding, which Realm would be their next target.[2]

Loki returned to live with Laufey in Jotunheim.[2]


Odin locked himself with Freyja, seemingly using primal magic to rescue her. Cul Borson ruled in his place as regent, while Heimdall and the Congress of Worlds were restored in their position,[2] although the Congress remained in a state of chaos.[24]

The Odinson

The distress state of Freyja was also perceived by the Odinson, enraging him and urging him furthermore to escape his prison.[2]

Dark Council manoeuvres

Inner manoeuvres

Roxxon eventually started mining Svartalfheim for coal and drilling Alfheim for oil, using a trans-realm pipeline and gaining billions per day, while preparing more resources acquisitions.[25]

Loki lived at Jotunheim, seemingly under a constant of murder threat from his father (allegedly multiple attempts everyday).[25]

Malekith's army grew after Alfheim conquest, and rumors spread about a new monster among his ranks, called Kurse.[25]

Knowing himself outgunned, and to prevent his defeat if Malekith decided to turn against him, Agger contacted Loki as an ally. Loki himself wanted more allies on his side.[25] Telling him the story of Bodolf the Black, a viking he had manipulated and enhanced to battle Thor, Loki brought Agger and his best soldiers, the Elite Roxxon Strike Team, for the squad to kill a dragon and drink his blood, mutating them into Thor-level superhumans like Bodolf. In exchange for his help, Loki asked Agger for a church, stating he missed the prayers.[26]

Malekith and the Enchantress vs. Nidavellir

As Malekith was also preparing an invasion of Nidavellir, the Dwarves created an outpost in Iceland to keep their treasures safe from the Dark Elf, including a massive stock of gold and Uru.[27]

Malekith's partner Amora approached Amadeus Cho, the new Hulk, offering him to become her king of the Ten Realms. She managed to anger and control him and used him as her champion[28] to attack the outpost and steal the Uru.[27]

The Uru was then forged into weapons in Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland, by the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim under the guidance of Amora. The Hulk (trying to make amends), his sister Maddy Cho and Thor attacked them. Faking to fall under her control, Hulk accepted an Uru enchanted axe from Amora, whom he used to defeat the Dark Elves and destroy their Uru weapons. Facing defeat, the Enchantress retreated after cursing Cho, and the Uru (the axe and shards of weapons) was returned to the Dwarves.[27]

Loki for President

Appearing and saving reporters and presidential candidates in the "Spin Room" against (alleged) Hydra agents, Loki presented himself as potentially running for the presidency, triggering a massive and viral buzz launching him as a confident and plausible candidate.[29]

Aided by his sister Angela for security of his soon-tot-be-campaign headquarters (at Ophidia Research Center, volunteers (including Lauren, a "doomsday cultist"), Loki quickly acknowledged that once past the excitement, he wasn't much supported as far. A protester even started alarming outside of Loki's headquarters.[29]

Manipulating former Daily Bugle, skeptic reporter Nisa Contreras by letting her wrote article about him, which she did by exposing the danger of his candidacy, Loki had Contreras' publisher modify the title to make people follow Loki (although many others actually read the article, understanding Contreras' true meaning).[29]

That event caused massive support from the population, along with the rage of Thor.[29][24][30] Attempts from Contreras to dismiss him by exposing his cultists to which Loki used the Constitution to support them only led with more support from the population.[30]


The Agger Imperarive

Due to his actions on Alfheim and Svartalfheim, Darrio Agger was invited to a meeting of his "peers" (economical shadow leaders of the world) in a vault of the Universal Bank at Bern, Switzerland, where Tiberius Stone of Alchemax, Sebastian Shaw of Shaw Industries, Darren Cross of Cross Technological Enterprises, Ezekiel Stane of Stane International, Silver Samurai (Shingen Harada) of Yashida Corporation, Frr'dox of Shi'ar Solutions Consolidated, Wilhelmina Kensington of Kilgore Arms and Wilson Fisk of Fisk Industries, who had learn of his deal with Malekith and of his doings in Svartalfheim and Alfheim, accused him of having open a new market (the Realms of Norse Legends) without offering to share, offending them.[24]

As Agger claimed the Realms as his own and refused any sharing even under the threats against his corporation and himself, Harada had Roxxon's global pipeline sabotaged, headquarters infected by a virus and Agger's personal cloud hacked. As Harada and Agger were upon starting a brawl, Exterminatrix (Oubliette Midas) of the Midas Foundation entered, killing the Roxxon agents who were heading to the vault, and incapacitated Agger. Agger was removed and Oubliette called the meeting adjourned, asking for a seat at the next one.[24]

Five minutes and a half later, both Agent Solomon and Thor entered, only to find the vault evacuated save for Roxxon agents' bodies.[24]




Resistance on Alfheim
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Resistance on Alfheim
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Resistance on Alfheim

Back on Alfheim, some Light Elves[3], among them Sir Ivory Honyeshot, worked tirelessly in order to retake their realm from the Dark Elves.[33]

Using Ants of the Caramelized Forest, Honeyshot tortured a Dark Elf in order to learn the location of Queen Aelsa, prisoner at Ljosalfgard. Once that information acquired and the Dark Elf killed, Honeyshot sent a butterfly to Nidavellir to inform Screwbeard of the ongoing fight against the invasion, and that the next step of that conflict couldn't be done by Honeyshot on its own and that it was time to reassemble the League of Realms.[33]






Asgard/Shi'ar War
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Asgard/Shi'ar War
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Asgard/Shi'ar War


Tension escalation

Malekith soon turned his attention towards Niffleheim, due to unrest in the wake of Hela's ousting by Angela.[23][40]

In Jotunheim, Laufey and his Frost Giants were suspected to be soon faced by a coalition made of the Storm Giants and Mountain Giants.[23]

Around the same time, the Dwarves were actively working in the forges, crafting the weapons that would be needed for the war to come. They also had troubles feeding the Light Elf refugees, prompting a visit from the Congress of Worlds.[23]

Muspelheim enters war

Move on Nidavellir

While the Congress, represented by Senator Milkmane of Alfheim, Senator Volstagg of Asgard and Senator Solomon of Midgard, were visiting a refugee camp in the Skornheim Mountains of Nidavellir, Muspelheim attacked, using Muspelheim Fire to annihilate the refugees, killing Milkmane and many children in the process. Volstagg reacted by taking for himself the Mjolnir of an alternate reality left on Old Asgard, becoming the War Thor.[23]


Counter-attack on Muspelheim soil


War of the Thors


Conflict escalation / Mangog

As the War of the Thors ended, the conflict faced a violent escalation on multiple theaters:[42]

Malekith cam to Heven to broker a deal with the Queen of Angels,[42] who soon withdrew from the Congress of Worlds.[21]

In the ruins of Alfheim, the Light Elves were starving.[21]

Thor asked Hercules talk to Zeus, for him to support the Asgardians in the War, but Hercules warned her that it wouldn't be easy.[21]

Dark Council assault on the Nornkeep


Roxxon invasion of Vanaheim


Sindr invasion of Niffleheim


War of the Giants in Jotunheim

Frost Giants led by Laufey and Loki were to meet an envoy of Mountain Giants, who ambushed them. Only Laufey and Loki survived the ambush, and while Laufey fainted due to his wounds, Loki slaughtered the Mountain Giants that were following them.[5] War was soon declared between the allied Storm and Mountain Giants, against the Frost Giants.[21]

Troll attack on Nidavellir

The Trolls of Ulik soon attacked the dwarf forges in Nidavellir.[21]

Mangog return to Old Asgard


Odin and Mangog's returns

Sick of the situation, Jane Foster went to provoke Odin (still locked up with Freyja): If he didn't intervened in the war, then possibly someone else was needed to lead the Gods. The attroupement was soon opposed by Cul and the Thunder Guard, but Odin finally appeared, confronting Jane Foster, until Freyja, still weak, appeared at her turn, recalling the Gods of their responsibility.

At this moment, Jane Foster fainted, while Mangog arrived on the Bifrost and engaged Heimdall.[21]


Loki: Sorcerer Supreme


Frost Giants invasion


Alternate Realities


The War of the Realms was an event drove by Malekith and a gathering of Asgard's greatest foes. The World Tree was burned, and Thor had to do something that can't be talked about.[1]


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