War of the Seven Spheres
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The War

A predestined cyclical conflict among omnipotents of the mystic planes. In this war, many of the ancient treaties and arrangements between the deities are annulled. As a result, the laws of magic are subject to revision and at times can be circumvented.

The war is an inevitable occurrence in which roles of opposing forces are assigned. For example, the enemies of The Vishanti were primarily the Trinity Of Ashes. Other omnipotents had their own adversaries.

Recruiting Doctor Strange

Before the War was to begin, the deities sought to recruit mystic warriors. Dr. Strange was approached by many gods at once (he was their number one draft pick). They each insisted that he was obligated to serve them as they have previously assisted him on may occasions.

Learning that the conflict would last five thousand years, Dr. Strange declined participation on the grounds that Earth could not afford to be without its Sorcerer Supreme for so long. It was then that the gods became angered and argued over the right to draft Dr. Strange.

In an effort to remove himself from the center of debate, Dr. Strange recited the emancipation incantation. This freed him from any obligation to any of the gods, but now he could no longer call upon any of the deities for aid. In effect, Dr. Strange surrendered the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme.[1]


As the gods prepared for the War of the Seven Spheres, Dormammu attacked his sister, Umar, to reclaim his place as ruler of the Dark Dimension. Whether the timing was planned or coincidental is uncertain.


During the conflict, Salomé once again became Earth's Sorcerer Supreme and negotiated a deal with the Vishanti.


As the war waged, Doctor Druid acted as the avatar of Slorioth. Slorioth would take hold of Earth, as all other deities were preoccupied with the war. None would notice the attempt until it was too late.

Fortunately, The Vishanti were alerted to Slorioth's actions. Knowing that a conflict with Slorioth would destroy Earth, The Vishanti summoned The Living Tribunal to arbitrate the issue between gods. In the end, Slorioth was removed from earth "for the nonce."


Agamotto declared his avatar, Cadaver, would walk the earth until the end of the War of the Seven Spheres in "four or five thousand years."

Doctor Strange reconsiders

Eventually, Dr. Strange did fight in the war for The Vishanti. Dr. Strange fought in the war for millennia, yet he only aged one year and the Vishanti returned him to Earth only four months after he left.


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