The Warbot is a model of robot warrior with insectoid features designed and built by A.I.M.

An early Warbot was taken by a team of A.I.M. agents with them when they attacked Doctor Strange’s mansion, then the de facto headquarters of the Defenders. The robot proved very effective, fighting the Hulk, and either proving resistant to or deflecting the attacks of two magical Defenders, Clea and the Valkyrie. Trapping the Hulk in a chunk of crystal that rendered him unconscious, the Warbot left with the green giant, unaware the Defender Nighthawk had attached a tracking transmitter to the A.I.M. ship.

The ship reached an A.I.M. laboratory at Long Island, where the attack team was surprised by Nighthawk along with Ms. Marvel and Hellcat, and a new fight started. Ms. Marvel attacked the Warbot, proving more effective than the others, smashing its part and weapons one at a time. She damaged it enough finally that she threw it into the emptied lab where it exploded, destroying the A.I.M. base.

Years later, another Warbot (possibly the first refurbished) attended a mecha rave party aboard a sunken German U-boat on the bottom of the ocean. Also in attendance were Gothic Lolita, Social Butterfly, and an undercover Iron Man. The Warbot wore a piece of “bling” in the shape of a woman’s torso around its neck.


The Warbot had superhuman strength, a gamma ray scanner, and a number of weapons and defenses, including a force field, freezing eyebeams, air-crystallizer eyebeams, and energy eye-blasts. It was able to fight without head and other body parts.

Strength level

The Warbot's observed strength was perhaps in the Class 50 range.

The robot could pronoune observations and short sentences.

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