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Early Life

Ward Meachum was a successful businessman and the brother of Harold Meachum, CEO of of Rand-Meachum Inc.[1]

Iron Fist

Harold Meachum killed his business partner Wendell Rand, Daniel Rand's father. When Daniel Rand, as Iron Fist, returned from K'un-Lun to New York City years later to seek his revenge against Harold, he could not kill him. However, the Ninja silently killed Harold and the murder was pinned on Iron Fist.[1] Ward hired Batroc the Leaper to kill the Iron Fist, but he failed.[2] Ward, with Harold's daughter Joy, sought revenge against the Iron Fist. Ward hired villains and developed elaborate schemes to kill the Iron Fist.[3]

Steel Serpent

Ward hired Steel Serpent to help them take revenge on Iron Fist.[4] They watched the battle between Iron Fist and Radion on television, hoping he would survive so they could get their revenge.[5] Danny tried to regain control of the business from the Meachums.[6] Ward had several dealings with criminals that would come back to haunt him, for example with the Golden Tiger Gang led by Chaka Khan.[7] Steel Serpent came to Ward to tell him he would no longer work for him due to his criminal connections, beating his bodyguards and leaving Ward alone. Steel Serpent vowed that with his debt to Joy Meachum paid, he would simply get his revenge on Iron Fist.[8]

Heroes for Hire

Ward Meachum began to work for Master Khan. He hired a group of men to steal the Power Gem of Quon back from Danny Rand. Alongside the men was Fera, a lupine humanoid who disliked Meachum, only loyal to Master Khan.[9]

Ward hired Shades and Comanche and decked them both out with new weapons, Shades with a pair of optic blasting shades, and Comanche with trick arrows. He sent them against Iron Fist and Luke Cage. They knocked him out before leaving and telling the bystanders to tell Cage that they have a score to settle when he revived. Cage tracked them down to the George Washington Bridge, where Cage and Iron Fist learned the truth about their employer. While in hiding, Ward spotted D.W. filming the fight between Shades and Comanche and worried that he was caught on tape to be implicated in his plot against the two heroes, and vowed to get the film before it could be reviewed. Cage and Iron Fist managed to easily defeat Shades and Comanche, however when the police took the two away, they failed to remove Shade's visor, and he managed to fire one final blast, hitting the heroes and knocking them off the bridge.[10] Ward and his men used the Power Gem of Quon on a special pedestal to summon Master Khan back to the Earth dimension.[11] Master Khan told Meachum that the Power Gem was leeching away the power of Shou-Lao from Iron Fist, a process that would give him the dragon's power and kill his eternal foe. They were attacked by the Heroes for Hire, and Master Khan was forced to fight Iron Fist. During the fight the crystal was destroyed, sending Master Khan back to K'un-Lun. Following the battle, Meachum and his men were all arrested.[12]


In time Joy learned the truth about her father's death, and began working with Danny again, becoming partners at the Rand Corporation.[13] Ward still hated Rand, and agreed to help Kl'rt, the Super-Skrull with his conquest of Earth in exchange for the hand of the "most beautiful woman in the Skrull Galaxy".[14] However Phoebe Marrs of Oracle Inc. and friend to Namor told Meachum that beautiful by Skrull standards would be horrific by human standards.[15] Due to Meachum's paranoia, Ward betrayed the Skrulls and tried to destroy their machine. Super-Skrull had no choice but to incinerate Meachum on the spot. Unbeknownst to Meachum, Kl'rt kept his word and had convinced the beautiful Lady Tenelle to marry Ward as part of their deal.[16]

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