Warda was the daughter of Wade Wilson and Shiklah, Queen of the Underworld.[1] Her parents have split before she was born, and Shiklah hid the existence of Warda from her father.[2]

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After Shiklah disappeared under unknown circumstances, Warda attacked her father and Emily Preston, revealing herself to them and demanding to know where her mother was.[2] Having received no answer, Warda kidnapped Wade and put him in shackles, torturing her father by forcing him to endlessly watch C-SPAN on repeat. Wade claimed to have no memory of where Shiklah was, and Warda took his identity for herself, becoming Deadpool with a legion of Bobs as her underlings.[1]

In 2099 A.D. Wade's other daughter Ellie Preston resurfaced and went after Warda by attacking her operations with Rose, stealing the holodrive with her mother from Wade's old storeroom and finally breaking her father out of his decades-long imprisonment.[3] Ellie then attacked Warda personally, intending to avenge her father and his name. However, Warda gained the upper hand by threatening to unleash one of her mother's monsters at Madison Star Garden. Ellie was forced to follow Warda's instructions and asked Wade to procure Shiklah for her. However, unwilling to once again risk her escaping, Wade decided to enlist the help of the Iron Fists instead.[4]

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The Iron Fists attacked Warda and the Bobs, and with her demands were not met, Warda followed up on her threat and released the monstrous creature. She then proceeded to kill Ellie with liquid napalm and demanded to finish Wade as well, seeing how he would never give up her mother. However, Wade revealed that Ellie was a Mutant with the power of regeneration and for the first time disclosed to Warda the reason her mother had to remained sealed away. To quell Warda's violent impulses, Wade then uploaded Emily Preston's digital consciousness into Warda's mind in order to keep her in check.[2] After a brief shock, Warda took this surprisingly well and was later seen fully reconciled with her new family.[5]



  • Expert weapon user.[1]


  • Deadpool's Suit: Warda uses a highly advanced technological suit with a mask that can reform around her head.[1]


  • Dragon: Warda uses Dragon, a flying robotic machine as her primary means of transportation.[1]
  • Jetpack[1]

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