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Using three Satyrs as his agents, Ares (under the guise of "Mr. Tallon") had them place men in New York under their spell so that they would become his lackeys, and christened them his "Warhawks," garbing them with hats and armbands bearing the symbol of a hawk's talons. The Warhawks were gathered by Ares to fan the flames of war by demonstrating outside of the Midtown Hotel in New York where Wo Tong, a delegate to the United Nations from a communist country was staying. Ares incited his Warhawks to storm the hotel to assault Wo Tong, and this attracted the attention of Captain America, Quicksilver, Rick Jones and the Scarlet Witch of the Avengers, who tried to reason with the crowd, but instead fell under the spell of Ares' satyrs.

Warhawks were also dispatched to Stark Industries with one of the satyrs, and they managed to control Iron Man, and forced him to help design new weapons for Ares. The Vision came to Stark Industries to stop the Warhawks, and battled Iron Man. In the course of their battle, Iron Man blasted Vision in the face with his repulsor rays and struck him so hard that he fell back into the satyr, crushing him to death. With the satyr dead, Iron Man and the Warhawks regained their senses. The Vision, Iron Man and Thor rallied against the Warhawks and their fellow Avengers, but Iron Man fell under the satyrs' spell again as soon as he heard their music.

The Scarlet Witch managed to separate Mjolnir from Thor using a hex-sphere, but the timely arrival of Hawkeye set Mjolnir free and Thor's fiery display of power began to shock some of the Warhawks back to their senses. The Vision used this moment to strike, and knocked both of the satyrs unconscious. Ares fled the scene.[1]

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