Warhead was one of several young men and women subjected to radiation experiments by the Superior. Exposure to neutron radiation gave Warhead powers similar to the Radioactive Man. Like all his fellows, Warhead was conditioned to believe he actually was related to the famous super-villain, and these young super-foes called themselves the Bastards of Evil. Chanting rhetoric of nihilism and anarchy, the Bastards caused massive property damage and then released videos of their "message" on line. Warhead was particularly dedicated to their message, and killed himself while setting off a nuclear explosion at Ground Zero in Manhattan.[1]


He was engineered to have similar powers to the Radioactive Man.

  • Radioactive Energy Discharge: Warhead can generate radioactive energy blasts.
  • Self-Detonation: Also Warhead was able to blow himself up, creating a giant green mushroom cloud. However, he could only do it once, which resulted in his death.

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