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Bina Troop (Colonel Matt Travers, Diana Rogers), Cesad Troop (Colonel Jane Sumner), Gebu Troop (Colonel James Cleveland), Hesod Troop (Colonel Mary Kidd), Hod Troop (Colonel Henry Morgan), Kether Troop (Stacy Arnheim, Athena, Bell, Cale, Che, Corey, DaCosta, Desmond, Draft, Dreyfus, Duncan, Evone, Gregory O'Sullivan, Grierson, Johnny Heaven, Jenna, Colonel Liger, MacManus, Martinez, Leona McBride, Misha Bushida, Moxham, Perez, Prizzi, Ross, Sapperstein), Kockmar Troop (Colonel James Sands), Malkuth Troop (Henry Beaker, Boot, Che, Donovan), Net Troop (Colonel Arthur Drake), Tifaret Troop (Colonel Bonnie Reid), Ubu Troop (Grierson, Colonel Bonnie Reid), Chalmers, Hawthome, McElroy, Ortega, Takashei Otomo, Peters, Samuels, Beetle, O'Leary, Connor, DeTosca, Cornell, others
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