Warlock was killed by Cameron Hodge when the cyborg kidnapped members of the X-Men and New Mutants and brought them to Genosha to undergo the mutate process. After Hodge's defeat, some of Warlock's ashes were brought back to X-Topia for a proper burial.[1]

Some years later, the new Genegineer, Dr. Aldus Kluge found some leftover remains of Warlock spread on the grave of his former friend Cypher and decided to use it to revive Hodge. He created a plague that targeted the X-Gene in mutants, which caused a nationwide epidemic among the island's residents. This lead the Press Gang to go to X-Topia to kidnap the healer Triage allowing the doctor to use his healing abilities to regenerate Warlock's remains so Hodge could be reborn again.[2]

The X-Men attacked the island in order to rescue their teammates but found out that Hodge was back. A long battled pursued with the X-Men defeating Hodge once and for all. As they mourned their losses, a strange occurrence happened in Kluge's laboratory. The Transmode Virus began to regenerate due to the nature of Triage's powers, which resulted in Warlock being restored to life.[3]


Seemingly those of the Warlock of Earth-616.

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