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Quote1 That doesn't change in the least the fact that I saw Maxam standing over Warlock's body in one of my time visions. And Adam looked... dead. Quote2

Appearing in "After Math!"

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Synopsis for "After Math!"

Moondragon is using her mind gem to probe Maxam's thoughts trying to break through his amnesia without success. Warlock probes his Orb of Eternity and observes Thor, and notices something is not right. With a flash of his soul gem, he now sees the Mind Valkyrie with Thor. Eternity appears and they discuss Adam's method of making people with great power indebted to him. Eternity suggests that if Warlock could cure Thor, he would be eternally grateful. Eternity states outright the insane Thor was a potential threat to a vast part of the totality that constitutes the cosmic being. Adam summons Pip, and they go to confront Thor, arriving just before Thor is about to kill the Silver Surfer.


This is part 3 of the Blood and Thunder storyline, following Silver Surfer Vol 1 86 and continuing directly into Warlock & the Infinity Watch Vol 1 23.

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