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Quote1 I have news for you, Warlock! I may still be able to save your gleaming hide... but I cannot do it alone. I need your help! So fight! Blast you, fight! Quote2

Appearing in "How Strange My Destiny!"

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Synopsis for "How Strange My Destiny!"

Warlock and his comrades battle 25000 of the Black Knights while their General watches from a distance and wishes for 50000 soldiers instead of a mere 25000. They flee the palace and enter the underground caverns but leave Thanos behind underneath the sacred palace and find the dying Matriarch. As Thanos reappears, he takes them all aboard Sanctuary. There, he tells Warlock why he helps him and shows him his time probe knowledge which he uses to observe Warlock's present and future. Meanwhile, Egeus tells the Magus about Thanos, now the Magus knows who his secret enemy is and recalls that his Intelligence Service warned him about the Titan. The Magus sends a spy beam to find Thanos and realizes that the Titan has a time probe; he and the Black Knights attack Sanctuary. Warlock agrees to commit suicide with the help of Thanos' time probe.


  • Though Magus spoke of 2,500 Black Knights last issue a caption now mentions 25,000.
  • Gamora's origin is told in this issue.

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