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Quote1 With your vampire gem you can drain the lifeforces from these maggots so quickly that not even the Magus will be able to stop you! We can then use the Time-Probe to eliminate the Magus's existence completely, and so save the stars from ever falling under his enslaving yoke! Quote2

Appearing in "How Strange My Destiny Part 2"

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Synopsis for "How Strange My Destiny Part 2"

Thanos persuades Warlock into using the Soul Gem against the Black Knight Death Squad. Warlock uses the time probe to enter his own personal Kismet trail, there Warlock finally meets the In-Betweener. Warlock refuses to be taken by the In-Betweener and tries attacking him with the Gem but it has no effect on the In-Betweener.

The In-Betweener tells Warlock that there is the need for a Champion of Life because an Advocate of Death has recently arrived and that the Magus is that Champion. He then tells him that there are still five minutes left before their meeting is about to take place. On the normal plane, the Magus discovers that Thanos is the worshiper of Death he was created to fight.

Warlock realizes, that there are five possible turns for him, he destroys the longest path because it's the Magus's, he then enters the shortest to travel to his future and take his future self into the Soul Gem. After the Magus has been terminated from existence only Thanos, Gamora, Warlock, and Pip remember him and the Universal Church of Truth. Thanos is happy because now there is no Champion of Life. As Warlock and Pip return from the Kismet path they pass a woman who looks a lot like the Matriarch.

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