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Quote1.png These are Events I have experienced, yet which never happened. Such a Concept is truly maddening! Am I a Madman, Killer and Soul Thief? Or am I yet the simple Fool I was mere Days ago? Quote2.png
Adam Warlock

Appearing in "A Trollish Tale!"

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  • Pleasure Cruiser

Synopsis for "A Trollish Tale!"

Warlock leaves Pip behind to find answers. Since Pip can't pay the tab he manipulates Mama Alpha and the Delphi Devils so that they fight. After the bout, only Pip leaves the Cabaret and Heater Delight thinks that he is some kind of a warrior and wants him to free her from her enslavement. As Warlock contemplates his situation he sees that some stars are vanishing.

After Pip cut the wire that binds Heater, an alarm starts and her owner Pro-Boscis appears. Pro-Boscis wants to kill Pip for his indiscretion but suspects, that Heater talked the Troll into freeing her thus he is willing to kill him fast. Eros watches the battle in the shadows. Pip manages to collapse a cliff and gets his reward - Heater's Pleasure Cruiser.


  • Pip's origin is revealed

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