Quote1.png Your claim of being a true Warlock of Fire, Air, Water and Earth has thus far proven true. I'm pleased I decided not to crush you outright. Though you so richly deserved such treatment. This unique testing of you Survival Abilities has already proven informative and amusing. Quote2.png
-- Star Thief

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Synopsis for "Homecoming!"

Warlock defeats the creatures conjured up by the Star Thief and he knows, that his enemy is actually the invalid Barry Bauman. Star Thief creates a shark which proves to be too powerful for Warlock, he can only defeat it by leading into the path of a comet. After the collision with the comet, the Star Thief thinks Warlock unconscious but Adam tricked him and steals a part of his soul. Star Thief creates a fire giant and takes control of its body, Warlock realizes that this gives the giant a weakness and crushes its brain with a big rock. Star Thief, however, manages to leave the giant's body in time admitting that he underestimated Warlock. Warlock flees and manages to travel through a black hole utilizing Autolycus' navigational skills and the Magus' perceptive powers. Star Thief is angry but he is sure of his victory as Warlock can't kill him without killing everyone on Earth. Tom Vocson is waking up from Star Thief's mental control and is ready to act. Warlock reaches Earth-space and realizes that he is a giant dwarfing every planet in the system. The Star Thief claims that this is because of the expanding universe theory which means the universe constantly expands and Warlock has now proven some sectors expand at a more rapid rate than others. Having been thousands of light years away from Earth he has grown at a quicker pace than Earth. It is later revealed that Sphinxor (Earth-616) manipulated the Soul Gem so that Warlock just thinks that he has grown and leaves the area so that the Prime Movers of Tarkus can take Counter-Earth (Earth-1123) without Warlock's interference, however the Star Thief explains that Warlock can't defeat him because he can't reach Earth without killing everyone on it because of his height. Tom Vocson is ready to act, he has a gun and wants to kill Bauman, at the same time the Star Thief is ready to destroy Warlock but Adam feels that the Star Thief has lost and is about to die. After Vocson kills Bauman the stars return to their places and Warlock leaves the area saying, that he lost a home.


  • Reprinted in Marvel Masterworks: Warlock # 2
  • In Cosmic Guard #3 (Devil's Due) Starlin mentions a Tommy Vocson.

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