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Quote1.png Yes... a most interesting assignment. My past contact with this Adam Warlock has proven him to be an intriguing Individual... almost a secret wrapped within an enigma... and if there's anything I really love, it's a mystery. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Just a Series of Events!"

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Supporting Characters:

  • Ancient Traveler


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Synopsis for "Just a Series of Events!"

Warlock decides to find a new home since both Earth and Counter-Earth (High Evolutionary) are to small for him. Thanos sends Gamora to find Warlock for his future plans and wants Gamora to become Warlock's unofficial bodyguard, another reason he sent her off is because he knows that Gamora would turn on him if she would find out what he was really up to. Warlock saves an old man named Lamilm Gor from a couple of big creatures, an alien named Marr Gar explains to Warlock that Gor received a loan of 5000 credits and now can't pay his debt so they are repossessing his space craft. Since Gar and his consorts would have left the Gor behind in space Warlock helps him and suggests that he raise the funds to repay Gar's employers from Interplaneteur Inc. Meanwhile, Gamora's ship is destroyed by Drax who seeks Thanos.

On a planet that has left its orbit and is now drifting through space Warlock meets an alien calling itself an Ancient Traveler or a Humble Thinker, he tells Warlock that life is its own purpose. The Traveler tells Warlock that he has seen his future and before being killed by Thanos and himself, Warlock will see Gamora, Pip, and many others die and that Warlock will cause the death of the High Evolutionary. On the planet Degenera, Pip is about to be arrested by Constable Trueheart but manages to escape.

On a deserted planet Warlock wants to find out the secrets of the Soul Gem and is pulled inside it, there the Gem reveals that it is one of six. The Gem tries to make Warlock its slave but he manages to overcome the Gem by threatening to end his life leaving the Gem alone on a planet which it can't leave.


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