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Adam Warlock

Appearing in "The Day of the Death Birds!"

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  • Deathbirds

Synopsis for "The Day of the Death Birds!"

After Eddie Robert's funeral, Warlock returns to his cocoon. He awakes after two geologists warn him about a bomb test. Meanwhile, Von Doom tries to stop the test because it would have a disastrous effect on the San Andreas fault. Rex Carpenter, who has become President in the meantime, refuses to cancel the test. Just as Von Doom feared, the Deathbirds are activated by the ensuing earthquake and he calls President Carpenter again to get the Air Force moving. Again Carpenter turns Von Doom down and tells him that he will handle the Air-Force problem personally. Von Doom has a deactivator for the Deathbirds and uses it as he sees the aircraft following Warlock to the desert. Using the deactivator Von Doom detonates the Deathbirds In a television speech, Rex Carpenter proclaims that Adam Warlock is a danger and that they all must stop at nothing to get rid of the danger.

Solicit Synopsis

The Day of the Death-Birds!


  • The Deathbirds are written as one word in the book though they are seen as two words in the title (Death Birds). The Deathbirds are unmanned aircraft, that were deemed too vicious for civilized warfare and thus banned.

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