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Quote1.png Never! While I stand I defy your might, and shall ever match it with my own power! Quote2.png
Adam Warlock

Appearing in "The Brute!"

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  • Deathbirds (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for "The Brute!"

Astrella offers Warlock to help and says, that some are against Carpenter's orders, she wants to take him to a meeting with Col. Barney Roberts but lures him in a trap where he has to fight the Brute. Her orders were to get away as soon as the Brute attacks Warlock but she stays and hopes, that Warlock wins. With the Soul Gem Warlock causes the Brute to revert to his human form recognizing Reed Richards, before he can question him Warlock is attacked by the military. Arriving at the cabin described by Astrella Warlock meets Von Doom, all of a sudden Jason Grey stumbles into the cabin warning Adam and Von Doom that they are all in trouble.


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