Quote1.png Hulk fly up and down really nice. Can he do sideways too?? Quote2.png
-- Drax the Destroyer

Appearing in "Sweet Music"

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Synopsis for "Sweet Music"

The battle of the 2 big, dumb, green dudes is on. Still cranky from last issue, Drax needs someone to calm him down. Luckily, but not for him, the Hulk shows up to put him in his place. A brutal fight of 2 tank like monsters occurs.


  • Drax battles the Hulk because he took the Music away.
  • Hulk gets Drax a saxophone and pats him on the shoulder. Drax misunderstands and the battle starts again.
  • Hearing him play the saxophone, Moondragon realizes that there is still a part of Arthur Douglas inside Drax.

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