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MoondragonQuote1 United Nations troops from the look of them. Off-hand my guess is we're being invaded. Quote2
GamoraQuote1 You're joking, right? Quote2
MoondragonQuote1 Of course. I am simply famous for my sense of humor. Quote2

Appearing in "Strange Encounters"

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Synopsis for "Strange Encounters"

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  • UN-Troops are sent to Monster Isle to seize control of the Island on orders from Senator Kyle Munson.
  • Gamora tries to handle the situation with diplomacy.
  • According to one of the soldiers, Gamora is in Spider-Man's strength class.
  • Pip and Moondragon are betting on how long Gamora takes to beat the troops. Mole Man can't believe his eyes.
  • As Gamora leaves the field of victory the soldier says that Intelligence has to put up her strength rating to Iron Man's level (a couple of destroyed tanks in the background prove it).
  • While Pip shows his teleportation power to Gamora he brings her into Dr. Strange's Sanctum.
  • Pip also shows Gamora that his new body that was designed by Warlock in Infinity Gauntlet #1 is much stronger than his original body. He claims that he is at least as strong as Spider-Man.

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