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Quote1.png I stand before a man in mental turmoil and anguish... quite insane. My goal is to help him despite the fact that some years back he nearly beat me to death: My most humiliating defeat. Unfortunately, his response to my Offer of aid is exactly as I expected it would be. Quote2.png
Adam Warlock

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Synopsis for "Clash"

Warlock and Pip arrive just before Thor is about to kill the Silver Surfer, Pip jumps out, but Adam says that he understands Thor lashing out. He does not understand, though, why Thor would turn to the Mind Valkyrie, one who does not exist. The Mind Valkyrie prods Thor to kill Warlock as well. As they engage in battle, the Surfer comes around and they both begin to attack Thor. Meanwhile, in Count Abyss' dimension, he gains something that will help him steal Adam Warlock's soul gem. Adam tries to subdue Thor with a karmic blast from his soul gem, but it has no effect on Thor at all. Thor proceeds to beat the living hell out of both Warlock and the Surfer, when the Surfer's board slams into Thor from behind and begins to carry off both the Surfer and Warlock. A little off, the Surfer comes around and realizes that Adam is controlling the board, a feat he is now capable of since they once shared souls. Warlock states that Thor is still insane and they must try once again to stop him.


This is part 4 of the Blood and Thunder storyline, following Warlock Chronicles Vol 1 6 and continuing directly into Mighty Thor Vol 1 469.

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