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Adam Warlock

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Synopsis for "Trial"

In Castle Grimlock, the home of Geirrodur, he and his Troll Witch look upon their captives and discuss their sacrifice to Borgeddon. When they come to Pip, they discover that he has troll blood in him, so he is accorded certain rights. He shall face ritual combat, if he wins he goes free while the others die, if he loses they all die. He agrees to the combat, but is allowed a substitute, and he chooses Adam Warlock. Adam goes into the arena and faces off against Olik, the older brother of Ulik. Adam proceeds to fight rings around the huge troll, meanwhile, Pip frees the rest of the heroes. Adam quickly disposes of Olik, the heroes crash their way out of the castle.


This is part 8 of the Blood and Thunder storyline, following Warlock Chronicles #7, an continuing directly into Thor #470.

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