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Quote1.png See now, dear Delegates, the Power of Adam Warlock alone. I and my Infinity Watch have chosen Earth as our Home. Given the Chance we will prove to be good Neighbours. But continue to harass us and we shall turn unfriendly - perhaps even hostile. Trust me, you wouldn't like seeing us like that. Quote2.png
Adam Warlock

Appearing in "Chaos at the U.N.!"

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Synopsis for "Chaos at the U.N.!"

The guy who killed Adam Warlock, all those years ago, shows up on Monster Island looking for trouble. But, this time, Warlock has an infinity gem.


  • Captain America, Warlock and the Vision decide that they will go to the United Nations HQ alone.
  • Warlock speaks to the Delegates and advises them, to recognize the Mole-Man's sovereignty.
  • He fights the Man-Beast and Triax in front of the delegates.


  • Kyle Munson and Ralph Shaw are revealed to be Man-Beast and Triax the Terrible.
  • Captain America stops Warlock before killing the Man-Beast who will be sent to a Prison for Superpowered Criminals
  • Warlock suggests that the real Kyle Munson is dead. It is unrevealed if there ever has been a real Kyle Munson or Ralph Shaw.
  • The plot to disguise himself as a politician was used by the Man-Beast in Warlock Vol 1 before he even became President of the USA on Counter-Earth (Earth-1123); there he possessed a man named Rex Carpenter who he later killed.

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