Quote1.png We're all Ears, Toots. Bet she's a Groupie of some kind. Quote2.png
-- Gamora

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Synopsis for "Poison"

The Infinity Watch attempts to interrogate Maya once she comes to. She convinces Warlock to speak to her privately and she tells him that while Count Abyss sent her to spy on him, she's secretly working with the resistance to defeat Abyss. Warlock thinks it over and agrees to an alliance, to which Maya insists they toast with the wine she brought. The trap as far as Maya believes is to poison Warlock with the wine for which she has the antidote, though Abyss, watching from his own dimension, knows the antidote is a fake. Abyss celebrates as his plan succeeds -- Warlock and Maya drink the elixir which forces them both to fall madly in love with each other.

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