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Quote1.png But the Memories of Omnipotence fade with the Experience. My descent from Divinity back to this mortal Coil has cost me dearly. I am like one newly released from the Womb. A confused Stranger in an incomprehensible Land. Quote2.png
-- Adam Warlock

Appearing in "High Evolutionary"

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Synopsis for "High Evolutionary"

Warlock travels to a nameless planetoid settled by the High Evolutionary and his remaining followers looking for comfort and advice from his old father figure. Unfortunately, he learns Wyndham was driven insane when he witnessed the birth of a Celestial and he remains incoherent and withdrawn. To make matters worse, the New Men looking after their creator are in the midst of fending off an invasion from a mysterious heavily armed enemy force. Warlock offers to confront the invaders, though the New Men find little protection with his uncompassionate attitude.

Meanwhile, Pip and Drax are both captured by similarly advanced assailants.


  • The High Evolutionary's mind is broken due to what he witnessed in Thor #424.

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